It's hard to look in the mirror and not recognise the man you've become (on the outside at least).

A combination of a sedentary lifestyle and not being the active guy I was previously, meant that the guy on the right in the pictures below was the guy I'd become, weighing in at a very unhealthy 16.5st (105kg or 231lb). That was 2013. I'd always been active, but after a period of sustained inactivity I'd ballooned and could no longer fit into clothes that I loved and I was all of a sudden wearing 38" waist jeans or trousers, putting on socks was also becoming an issue. A change in my perspective 'on life' was bought about by the loss of my brother and the birth of my son. I wanted to sort myself out and become the man once again, my brother would have recognised and be a father my son could always have fun with as he grows up, the father he deserves.

The journey started in 2011 not long after we lost Lloydy and stuttered for a while after Charlie was born in 2012. It was early in 2013 that the penny dropped completely, that I really needed to focus on goals and targets, just going to the gym or just going for a run wasn't cutting it. I needed to think bigger and plan a journey to get me there.

I’ve chipped away, no fads, no fancy diets just hard work and making better choices. To be the best version of me, I had to be prepared to give everything I could. I had to work when it would have been easier to not! But what I've found in all of this, is that not only has my health, fitness and physique improved, so has my mental state. Without running, or having challenges to focus on, I would have struggled massively, that focus has enabled me to improve myself in so many ways in a healthy and positive way. 

That journey is obviously still ongoing, it doesn't stop, but I would like to think, that if I've managed to get myself this far you can too and in reality I’m still a way off where I want to be. However, I know I have the mindset to get me there. Mindset is key, the mind is king, so is patience, time is your friend, not your enemy, use it wisely.

Set goals smash them! Dream big, but start small, start with what you have, because what you have is plenty!

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Paras'10 Catterick - 2hrs 7mins

Paras'10 Colchester - 1hr 58mins



Paras'10 Aldershot - 2hrs 13mins

Paras'10 Colchester - 2hrs 22mins

The Fan Dance SUMMER - 6hrs 47mins



The Fan Dance WINTER - 5hrs 23mins

Virgin Money London Marathon - 4hrs 1min

Paras'10 Colchester - 2hrs

The Fan Dance SUMMER - 6hrs 8mins

Point to Point TWM - 12hrs



The Fan Dance WINTER - 4hrs 37mins

Virgin Money London Marathon - 3hrs 41mins

The Fan Dance SUMMER - 4hrs 24mins

Ricochet TWM - 9hrs 29mins

Paras'10 Colchester - 1hr 45mins



The Fan Dance WINTER (Back to Back) 4hrs 1min (Sat) & 5hrs 30min (Sun)

Cobbler Classic 75mi Sportive - 4hrs 47mins

Greater Manchester Marathon - 3hrs 36mins

Milton Keynes Marathon - 3hrs 40mins

Paras'10 Colchester - 1hr 40mins

Cateran Yomp (GOLD) - 18hrs 56mins

The Fan Dance SUMMER (Black Edition) - 3:48 (Sat am) & 5hrs 1min (Sat pm)

BMW Berlin Marathon - 3hrs 46mins



The Fan Dance WINTER (Trident) - 3hrs 46mins (Sat am), 4hrs 8mins (Sat pm) & 4hrs 48mins (Sun)

Chester Ultra (52miles) - 9hrs 32mins

Greater Manchester Marathon - 3hrs 20mins

Schneider Electric Paris Marathon 3hrs 27mins

Virgin Money London Marathon - 3hrs 23mins

Milton Keynes Marathon - 3hrs 26mins

The 100 Peaks Challenge - 23.05 to 16.06.17



The Fan Dance WINTER (Woodhouse) - 7hrs 58mins

Chester Ultra (52miles) - 10hrs 38mins

The Boston Marathon - 3hrs 37mins

Milton Keynes Marathon - 4hrs 13mins

Chicago Marathon - 3hrs 26mins



Tokyo Marathon - 3hrs 20mins

Brighton Marathon - 3hrs 28mins

London Marathon - 3hrs 27mins

MK Marathon - 3hrs 30mins

Paras’10 Colchester - 1hr 36mins

Paras’10 Catterick - 1hr 24mins