Do everything with passion. If you believe in it, give it your all, there is no place for half arsed. Remember that you’re anything but average, that you weren’t made to blend in and have the courage to follow your dreams and make your plan happen. There will be fails on the way, but you learn, you grow, you adapt. Be you and true to yourself and focus on your life, what you can do to make it your life and be humble always! Focus on those and the things that matter and making a difference to those and what you care about and you know one day, you’ll be able to look back and reflect that you did what you set out to do. So FOCUS on living!
— KR


Since 2016 Karl has been very honoured to work with and be part of the Ordnance Surveys #GetOutside programme. It's a programme designed to get people doing more outside on our beautiful island. He was retained in 2017 and has been again for 2018 & 2019. For Karl It's a privilege to be involved in such a scheme and he's proud to represent the OS and help do his bit to get more of you out of your comfort zones and outside exploring and having adventures!

To be inspired is great, but to inspire is incredible.


Since 2012 Karl has taken on many Endurance Challenges, including 9 Paras'10, 12 Fan Dances inc. Trident (3 Fan Dances in 24hrs) & Woodhouse (all loaded with 35lbs +) and numerous Marathons & Ultra Events, including the London Marathon 4 times, Milton Keynes 4 times & Manchester Twice, BerlinParis, Chicago, Boston and TokyoChester Ultra twice & The Cateran Yomp.

His first Fan Dance took him 6hrs 47mins the last 3hrs 42mins. He's taken his Paras'10 time from 2hrs 22mins to 1hr 24mins including being part of the Civi Team TAB Winners Eliteoutdoor Fitness completing the clean sweep at Colchester and Catterick in 2019 and has seen his marathon times tumble from 4hrs 1min to 3hrs 20mins. He's also gone from 16.5st to 12.5st and conquered some serious demons.

All those Challenges though were preparation for The 100 Peaks. The hours he put in in training, physically and mentally, meant that he could subject himself to 25 days of brutal endurance. There was no blueprint for the Challenge and to be honest, that was probably a good thing as it meant he couldn't slack off. That mentality is the cornerstone for any endurance event and for anyone who has the desire to be an endurance athlete. You have to think about your training and plan effectively to ensure you get the greatest benefit when training and recovering. That is now a way of life for him, ultimately whilst he doesn't always find the training (and eating well) easy, it means he's the best and healthiest version of him, for himself and his family.

He's now now one step closer (with 5 of the 6 Stars bagged) to completing the Abbott World Marathon Majors having run Tokyo in 3:20:45 back in March and is aiming to qualify GFA for New York in 2020 at Chester Marathon in October, he also has a few 100 mile races in his sights as well as the Ultra GB (212 miles across GB) and the Marathon Des Sables dubbed the toughest foot race on the planet.



03.03.19 - TOKYO MARATHON (3hrs 20mins)

Tokyo Blog

14.04.19 - BRIGHTON MARATHON (3hrs 28mins)

28.04.19 - LONDON MARATHON (3hrs 27mins)

06.05.19 - MK MARATHON (3hrs 30mins)

18.05.19 - PARAS’10 (1hr 36mins)


Back in January 2015, Karl had an idea. It was an idea born out of the challenges he'd taken on since losing his little brother in Afghanistan in 2011.

That idea was The 100 Peaks Challenge.

Originally the challenges were a means of focus for him, a way of channelling the loss in a positive way (it still is, if truth be told). However, he never imagined the impact that idea would create. Not only was it a means of dealing with his grief it became the catalyst for many to step out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves in ways they never had before. That along with the fundraising effort of The 100 Peaks Challenge is the legacy of the Challenge and he wants to continue to grow that legacy.

So what's the NEW idea?

The new idea is to think about and commit to a change in you in 2019, a change that you know is for the better. It could be health related, a wish, a life goal, it doesn't have to be climbing mountains, cycling the globe, it can be getting off the couch and running a mile, embracing a fear, like taking on a sky dive or it could be climbing mountains, cycling the globe, taking on The 100 Peaks.

There is only one rule, whatever it is must be done OUTSIDE!

The size of the challenge is specific to you, it is your challenge to challenge you. I want 100 People to sign up and #GetOutside and #BeABlackSheep

In addition if you want to help the original legacy of supporting the Charities the Challenge was created to support then why not make your goal, something that you know really tests you, that could still be getting off the couch and running a mile, but the easiest way to make yourself accountable for you challenge is to do it for charity!

Again I ask, do you have what takes to Be A Black Sheep?